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, it was a bit touch and go as he didn't do the boxing on the stairs at all. However once we got on a plane we were all fine. (I did find it a bit funny that the flight attendants had said in the take off how nervous they felt, and it turned out that the kids all ran through the plane at one point, but most of the flight attendants were not sure whether that was normal for a flight or not). So a few more things to add about the flight, as we were leaving Denpasar and heading for Sydney, it was a little later than we had hoped, but that's no problem, as long as we can make it to Denpasar at the right time for our connecting flight, we will be fine. One of the kids has been sick on this flight and we had the usual signs of sick children with them. We will keep an eye on them and hopefully they will be fine. I forgot to mention that on our flight from Sydney we had an old kid who kept on coming up and sitting beside me. He is not in a wheelchair, he walks fine and talks fine. He was quite polite and sat in his seat for the entire flight, but he was obviously in pain, as he kept rubbing his leg and throwing up all over the place. I would think that the fact that he would get up and walk around means that the flight attendants would have seen that he was in pain and should have taken him to one of the rest rooms but they didn't and it was a little strange that he just didn't know that he needed to rest. I guess they just assumed that he was like the rest of the passengers and didn't notice him. Finally I think that I should mention that the flight from Denpasar was the only time that we had any problems and the fact that the crew were so pleasant and patient with the kids was so nice. The flight is going to take a few days as we will make an overnight stop in Jakarta. I will update once we get home. Dora and a few of the kids went to see the tourist centre that we had visited a few days ago. It was good to have something else to do and to get out of the house. The weather has taken a turn for the worst, it is so hot that it feels as if there is no breeze and the air conditioning has been shut down to help with the heat, which doesn't really help. Hopefully the temp will




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Comelz Caligola

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